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A 2-player VR Game where Player 1 plays with the Oculus, and  Player 2 is given an instruction kit. Player 1 is trapped on a sinking ship and emergency calls Player 2. Player 2 has a map of the ship and tries to navigate Player 1 to escape the sinking ship. This interactive game allows for the experience of VR to be shared amongst friends. 

Game design ,VR development: Žiga Pavlovič 
Level and Instruction Design: Manuela Elser
Programming: Andreas  Müller
Illustrations: Zhuoran Liu

Made at EYA Game Jam 2017

VRTK Unity plugin  used for VR support

Install instructions

Remember this was a proof of concept made in 2 days for the EYA Game Jam. 
The goal is find a way out of the ship, with the help of the secondary player with printed instructions. 

To be played with Oculus Rift CV1 and Oculus Touch. 


ShipHappens!.zip 74 MB

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